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Hi All I am a owner of the C4 engine and I have been working with it lately, then the UDK comes out. Now I don't know how many have worked with either, but what I want is just a little advice. I am a programmer and I want to focus on that, but at the same time, do some mediocre art work nothing to fancy. What is your take on them both. I like the idea that the UDK has all the options I would need readily available, but I feel like I am cheating with just scripting my game. Again I don't want to go to fancy, as I am one man team, just basically trying to get my portfolio together. Using the C4 engine, I can really get into the code, but them again this is a vast engine also. So just by wanting to do a basic FPS or Platformer, for my portfolio, and being a one man team, is it advisable to work with C4 or the UDK.

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