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C++ / HLSL Passing values to shader

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Tryinng to implement some shaders to do basic stuff and I'm having trouble passing values to the shader I've set up. The shader works and I can edit the texture coordinates using hard coded numbers/variables using the shader, but nothing happens when I pass a value from my program to the shader and then update it inside the program. I'm calling the following code every time I render said object

	constantTable->SetInt(pd3dDevice, "MyTestInt", testInt);

        pd3dDevice->SetStreamSource(0, waterPlaneBuffer, 0, sizeof(CUSTOMVERTEX));
        pd3dDevice->SetTexture(0, waterTexture);
        pd3dDevice->DrawPrimitive(D3DPT_TRIANGLESTRIP, 0, 2);

	//Disable Shaders

My pixel shader
// Pixel shader input structure
struct PS_INPUT
    float4 Position   : POSITION;
    float2 Texture    : TEXCOORD0;

// Pixel shader output structure
struct PS_OUTPUT
    float4 Color   : COLOR0;

// Global variables
sampler2D Tex0;
float time;
int MyTestInt : MYTESTINT;

// Name: Simple Pixel Shader
// Type: Pixel shader
// Desc: Fetch texture and blend with constant color
PS_OUTPUT ps_main( in PS_INPUT In )
    PS_OUTPUT Out;                             //create an output pixel

    In.Texture.y = In.Texture.y + (sin(In.Texture.x*MyTestInt)*0.01);

    Out.Color = tex2D(Tex0, In.Texture);       //do a texture lookup
    //Out.Color *= float4(0.9f, 0.8f, 0.4, 1);   //do a simple effect

    return Out;                                //return output pixel

I tried declaring it as int MyTestInt : MYTESTINT; int MyTestInt; Even tried pd3dDevice->SetPixelShaderConstantI(num, testInt, 1) and referring to c<num> in the shader. Not sure how to do this at all. [Edited by - RaptorJesus on March 30, 2010 4:32:20 PM]

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If you call this

pd3dDevice->SetPixelShaderConstantI(num, testInt, 1)

Then testInt needs to be an array of 4 ints, it's not clear from your post if you are doing this?

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At the moment its declared as a single int.

If I instead declare it as an array of size 4 and do something like this.

pd3dDevice->SetPixelShaderConstantI(25, testInt, 1)

Will I be able to refer to the first element of the array in the shader as c25? All I really want is to be able to edit the information in testInt and have it updated in the shader too.

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I believe so. That's is what I'm doing in mine although for floats and it works. I've not tried it with int though

Youd need something like

int myTestInt : register(c0);

I believe

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If you're calling this between BeginPass() and EndPass() calls; you must call CommitChanges() before using the effect to see the effects of the change.

Er...Disregard that; you're not using the effects framework.
Anyway; it looks like you're setting the values right before you use them; and you might have to do some tricks before the changes are sent over. I'm not sure on what CommitChanges() does, but you'll have to replicate the behavior.

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The code got complex in my current demo but from some older test code that works I have this where i draw my model.


XMMATRIX t = m_World * m_View * m_Projection;
m_Device->SetVertexShaderConstantF(0, (const float*)&t, 4);
m_Device->SetVertexShaderConstantF(4, (const float*)&m_World, 4);
m_Device->SetVertexShaderConstantF(8, (const float*)&light.Direction, 1);
float f[] = {m_GrowAmount, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f};
m_Device->SetVertexShaderConstantF(9, f, 1);
if (m_WireFrame) {
m_Device->SetRenderState(D3DRS_CULLMODE, D3DCULL_NONE);
} else {
m_Device->SetRenderState(D3DRS_FILLMODE, D3DFILL_SOLID);
m_Device->SetRenderState(D3DRS_CULLMODE, D3DCULL_CCW);


And this is the start of the vertex shader.

extern float4x4 gWVP : register(c0);
extern float4x4 gWorld : register(c4);
extern float4 gLightVector : register(c8);
extern float gGrowAmount : register(c9);

struct OUT_VS
float4 pos : POSITION;
float4 light : COLOR;

This is a vertext shader parameter and float, not int. But I believe the principle is the same

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I just changed it to a float using your method and it does what I'm after :)

For some reason it doesnt work as an int using SetPixelShaderConstantI, but I can work with a float. Thanks.

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in SM2.0 and SM3.0, int registers are only used as loop counters. You can't use them as general-purpose constants.

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