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Darkfall - Hook into D3DX9

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Hello there, I'm currently working on making a overlay for Darkfall but I've come across a problem and thought maybe someone here could help. I have my api hooks in place and I believe they work, but the problem is I cant hook to the dll I want (D3DX9_39.dll) because that DLL is not loaded when the exe loads, it is loaded by another dll which is loaded by Kernel32. Lobby.exe loads up d3d9.dll and I can hook to the Direct3DCreate9 procedure and it works but apparently the game runs on the other dll D3DX9_39.dll When testing out by loading Darkfall.exe the following happens: Darkfall.exe starts, loads Kernel32.dll from the import table, Kernel32.dll loads SFMiddleWare.dll using LoadLibrary, then SFMiddleWare.dll somehow loads D3DX9_39.dll The hook code I got only hooks to a dll that is loaded from the import table, I've been playing around with trying to hook into kernel32 and seeing if SFMiddleWare is loading D3DX9_39 through LoadLibrary and then maybe trying to inject my dll through the address space but havent had much results. If anyone has any tips on the subject they would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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