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2d animation for making math tutorials

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I'm not sure whether this post would be better suited here or in the 2D art forum so I'm posting it here. Perhaps a moderator could move it if necessary. There's a lot of educational math videos floating around on the internets (eg, mit's OCW, stanford's site, academic earth, etc), but few of them attempt to take advantage of the medium. You could have visual/geometric depictions of the material, animations to show what is happening to variables, many interlinked "bite size" videos on specific subtopics rather than monolithic hour long lectures, etc. Instead they take some professor who was giving a chalkboard lecture anyways, videotape it, and upload it. This is the wrong way to go IMO. An example of how it can be "done right" is this video about turning a sphere inside out (maybe you've seen it): Anyways I was thinking about making short (< 5 min?) video tutorials on some various semi-advanced math topics that confused me at first, but I eventually understood by thinking about things geometrically. The sort of things that look like an untelligible mess of symbols if you try to read it from a book, but make perfect sense when your friend who understands it talks to you one on one, drawing diagrams and explaining the motivation for why it is done in a certain way. This is especially true for game-dev related math which is often inherently visual. The idea would be to take the movie/animation that every mathematician built in their head through painstaking effort, and bring it out to the world. Can anyone give me some suggestions for good websites/forums/software for this sort of 2D animation and video editing? What would I need to learn?

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