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Raw mouse input, how to zero values when not moving?

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Hi, I'm using the win32 raw mouse input within the window messageProc, so when it receives the WM_INPUT message I then set my mouseX and mouseY values. My problem is that those values are only set when the mouse is moved, so that they aren't set to 0 when the mouse isn't moving. This is causing problems with my mouse look, making it drift around the place. I tried setting a mouseMoved flag to true when the mouseX and mouseY variables are set, and then in my main loop I am doing this:
while(1) {


   if(!mouseMoved) {
   mouseMoved = false;
But this just makes things jerky, since when the mouseX and mouseY are sampled, most of the time they are getting (0,0). (This is with vsync off btw.) Thanks.

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I do it like this:

//in the main/game loop
if (mouse.lmb) xRot += mouse.x - mouse.xOld;
if (mouse.lmb) yRot += mouse.y - mouse.yOld;
mouse.xOld = mouse.x;
mouse.yOld = mouse.y;
//in the message loop
mouse.x = GET_X_LPARAM (lParam);
mouse.y = GET_Y_LPARAM (lParam);

Works like a charm.

Oh wait, mouse look
Then you should do it like this:
Get the mouse coords from a variable that is updated in message cycle
Snap mouse to the middle of the screen
Subtract screen center coordinates from previously retrieved ones

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