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Hi, I am starting to look at the xnamath library and had a question of what XMVECTORF32 is useful for. The docs say:
An opaque, portable type to support the use of C/C++ initializer syntax to load floating-point values into an instance of XMVECTOR type.
Then one of the sample apps do something like:
m_vSceneAABBMin = g_vFLTMAX; 
where m_vSceneAABBMin is of type XMVECTOR. So it looks like you can assign XMVECTORF32 to XMVECTOR. However, why not use XMVectorSet or XMLoadFloat4? Is the sole purpose of XMVECTOR32 is to get initialization syntax? Why could they just not allow the initialization syntax on XMVECTOR directly?

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Any type that has a constructor cannot use the default initializer syntax.

I think that c++0x expanded on initiailzer syntax, but I don't recall exactly what that is.

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