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Books about compiler construction

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Hello People. I''m searching for a practical book to construct a scripting engine. I already have the red dragon book and it''s good but I need a book less theorical and more practicall. You know. I have read the flipcode''s tutorial and others in GameDev but they are good only for introduction. Searching to purchase online a good book I found: * Building Your Own Compiler with C++ by Jim Holmes * Art of Compiler Design, The: Theory and Practice by Thomas Pittman, James Peters, Jim Peters * Writing Compilers and Interpreters: An Applied Approach Using C++ by Ronald L. Mak I''m pleased if someone can tell me something about these books. Also, I''m pleased to read other comments about good books. I''m must write my own scripting engine because it''s for a carrer proyect. The scripting engine will be small and easy. Thank you in advance. Fer.

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Well, I can recommend AGAINST a couple books that aren''t on your list.

Modern Compiler Design in C++
Modern Compiler Design in Java

Both of which are by Appel. They are both based on his "Modern Compiler Design in ML" book, which is actually quite good. However, when creating the other two , he translated the code straight across, which is just something you shouldn''t do between ML and C family languages.

I''d agree that the dragon book is a bit heavy on theory, but an interpreter isn''t very difficult to construct in practice, since you don''t need most of the more complicated analysis techniques.

Hmmm... I learned most of what I did about interpreters in my programming languages course, which didn''t really use a book. I suppose that doesn''t help much.

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I have writing compilers and interpreters by Ronald Mak.

There are 2 downside to the book.

1.There is no cd for the source, so you need to retype all the examples, but it is a good thing because
2. the C++ used is pre-standard C++, so the STL is very used.

Aside from that, I really like it. It is fully practical. Very well written. I only read half the book and I have a working interpreter for a little script language I wrote.

Was totally worth the money. Since I started the book, I can know understand some parts of the dragon book that I wasn''t getting!!

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