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Hi, I am trying to write this cover letter for a game programmer's position. I have looked around and I get the basic idea, what the cover letter should convey. Yet I am not sure if what I have written will do me more good than harm. The general outline is like this: - Intro - few subjects and the fact that I got to work in a team at my school - Why do I find developing games exciting ? ( I support this by describing one of the game problem & solution that I ran into some time ago) - where to find me and my work. Thank the reader for his/her time. What do you guys think about this ? Also, I am not sure if I should include the "description of game problem & solution". Do you recommend including it ? Any other suggestions .. Thanks a lot for helping me out!

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Include everything, read it, that have someone else to read it.

I know you read this many times, but read you letter from the employer point of view.
One of the most important thing: make him/her to actually read it. It's more important (IMHO) than the contents.

Sorry, I haven't get any answers yet, so maybe I shouldn't give advices, but I think it's because my letters didn't catch attention.

I read many examples on the net (opened about 15 tabs), and only scanned the letters (just like an employer/hiring manager would), and picked the most interesting one, that caught my attention, and I analyzed why, and I modified my letter based on that.

One thing, key words should be spectacular. Since I (you) shouldn't use any formatting tricks to achieve that, I simply put these important word in the beginning of a paragraph. Preferably as the first word. Then "accidentally" other important words fell on the left side of the paragraphs too.
But beware, this shouldn't be done obviously knowingly. (The reader might find it as a cheap solution to catch attention.)

Sorry, I can't tell more useful information.

And please, correct my grammar (obviously no one reads my signature)

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