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SDL and DirectX

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Kimmi    693
You can use this article to get a clue how to use SDL with DirectX 9.0. Maybe there you can find some ideas how to use it together:
Direct3D 9.0 with SDL
Normally I am using SDL if I have to use a code on Windows and Linux for instance. Do you want to do something similar?


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Evil Steve    2017
Original post by kaktusas2598
I've been learning SDL for a while, well, after I learn SDL I'm planning to get into DirectX programming.
So, I will need to learn Windows API to get into DirectX or I'm capable to start when I know SDL?
It's expected that you have a reasonable understanding of the Win32 API before doing DirectX stuff. However, so long as you know the basics (How a window procedure works), you should be fine. I've written A Tutorial on the subject (Everything down to "Setting up Direct3D" is plain Win32 stuff).

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