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Turd Burger

Hypnosis and Lucid Thought in Gaming?

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When someone is engrossed in a video game, they are technically hypnotised to a certain extent - since hypnosis is essentially just focusing on something to the point where the conscious, rational portion of the mind is 'disarmed' for lack of a better word, and the sub-conscious, almost gullible portion is left exposed to external suggestions. Video game hypnosis quite common, and fairly easy to observe: How often have you had a game pad in your hand, and suddenly realised that you have been ignoring the person who's been yelling for your attention for the last ten minutes? This is a fairly shallow example, and the trances can be much deeper - take stage hypnosis for example. Also of interest on this topic is 'Lucid Dreaming'. A process in which people train themselves to recognise that they are dreaming, without disrupting the dream itself - ultimately granting themselves a short visit to their own tangible yet imaginary dream world. _ If these two things could be somehow harnessed to an input/output, then lucid dreaming and hypnosis could surely be used as mechanics for some kind of naturally occurring V.R. The human mind has a far greater capacity for graphics, visualising dimensions, procedural generation, genuine random number generation etc... than any computer and it all works in the form of the human imagination. If a player could somehow be deeply hypnotised by a game, and left in a lucid dream state - suggestions could be made to their subconscious, in order to use their mind as the engine to produce a game world. An infinite one. If the consequences of their actions within their own mind could be translated as some kind of output, then this opens the possibility of things like multiplayer etc... _ I know that much of this is unfeasible with today's technology, and that a healthy portion of suspension-of-belief is needed - but I'd be pretty interested to see what everyone thinks to the notion, and if it inspires any kind of ideas in anyone else. DISCUSS!

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Original post by sunandshadow
The official psychological term is Flow. (wikipedia link)

Good call,

Could flow be somehow utilised to engage people in an imaginary game?

The technology to read brain signals and interpret them as an electronic output, although in it's enfancy - has already been experimented with and applied to an alarmingly complex extent.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

I see no reason why it couldn't be adapted to be used as a video game user interface input.

The same principle probably shouldn't be reversed (beaming brain waves and sensory commands into the brain) since they could easily interfere with those used to perpetuate crucial functions like breathing, but hypnotic suggestion as an input however, would be less risky.

What does anyone else think, and does anyone know of any research that has been conducted in this field?

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