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Python brower-based MMOG - advice needed

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Hi, I could use some advice on my project. It's a browser-based MMOG: "The High Seas" (working title) Basically it is a trading game set in 1600s or 1700s ... inspirations: Patrician 3, Mine Things, Space Rangers 2, ... Travel between cities takes several days: game updates trading ship positions every 10 minutes. Apart from that it handles player input to buy/sell goods, if their ship is in port. I want the game logic and world state data storage on a webserver, with players connecting via web browser. Also, I want to make an "admin mode" client for me to keep track of the world and add changes to game world stuff. I want to use Python but I haven't ever used it in a web context. lists several different options for Python Web Frameworks: Django, Grok, Pylons, TurboGears, web2py, Zope. I've heard of Django and Grok...that's about my level of knowledge here. My question: can any of these frameworks help me with what I'm trying to do?

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