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udk, speedtree, and 3ds max help

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ok i have a couple of questions having to do with udk and 3ds max as the title says. first of all i am a beginner and im still learning alot my first question is in udk im having a problem with some of my textures and when i add the textures it either doesnt show up when i text the level or it makes the item i put it on completely invisible or even black but shows up ok as long as im not testing the level. is there any reason for this? or any way to fix it? my next question is i made a static mesh for grass using 3ds max using hair and fur but after i export it and then import it into udk i dont know how to keep all of the colors/textures and the hair and fur is no longer there, how do i keep these things there. and also dealing with this, when i do put the mesh into the level it shows up in the editor but it isnt there at all when i test it, all there is, is 2 small shadows where i placed it my last question is with speedtree, i made my trees ok and added them to my level but for some reason the trees arnt there when i play it,but it is ok when i just "test from here" kinda like my static mesh i made, all it shows is the shadow but no object is there if anyone can help me with any of these issues i would appreciate it a lot. Thanks in advance

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