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cg shader and Inverses matrix

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Hy. I have this vertex shader:

// geometric input (sent by application)

struct appin
  float4 Position     : POSITION;
  float3 Normal       : NORMAL;
  float3 TCoords0     : TEXCOORD0;

// vertex program output

struct V2FI
  float4 HPosition    : POSITION;
  float3 TCoords0     : TEXCOORD0;
  float3 Normal       : TEXCOORD1;
  float3 ViewVector   : TEXCOORD2;
  float3 LightVector  : TEXCOORD3;

V2FI main(appin IN,
	  uniform float4x4 Proj   : register(c0), // projection matrix

	  uniform float4x4 View   : register(c4), // modelview  matrix

	  uniform float4x4 ViewI  : register(c8),
	  uniform float4x4 ViewIT : register(c12),
	  uniform float4   LightPos               // light pos in object space


  // compute view vector

  float4 pos       = mul(View, IN.Position);
  OUT.ViewVector   =;
  // compute light vector

  float4 lightpos  = mul(View, LightPos);
  OUT.LightVector  = (lightpos-pos).xyz;
  // project point onto screen

  OUT.HPosition    = mul(Proj, pos);
  // transform normal - should use inverse transpose !

  OUT.Normal       = mul(ViewIT, float4(IN.Normal,0.0)).xyz;
  // copy texture coordinates

  OUT.TCoords0     = IN.TCoords0;

  return OUT;

why don't use in any mode the world matrix? Thanks.

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