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Callbacks from Class-Funktions?

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Hi! I‘ve got a simple question: Can I make use of callback-functions in classes? Something like this:


MSVC++ returns an Error to me if I do it that way... -In addition to that: A friend of mine is not able to open any page. Evertyime occurs a strange 'domain-for-sell' page :( Do you know whether anybody else have the same problem?

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You sohuld probably post the error. You should use the address-of operator to yeild a pointer-to-member function. It is also possible that your type declaration for "MyCallback" is incorrect.

Its always a good idea to try post a minimal example that fails to compile.

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Sorry, I forgot about this problem. I did something else, because that stuff was non workinh. And now I am again at this problem. Here is some Example code:

//This is what I want to do:
ToolWindow Browser; //Global


//here is the (very simplified) browser-class:
class ToolWindow

WD2DWindow wb; //wb = [w]browser


//This is the "TheFunc"-Function of the (simplified)WD2DWindow-Class:
class WD2DWindow

InputStruct MyVars;
void CALLBACK TheFunc(UI_Item* Item,UINT Msg){} //Empty, just a test


//Here is the Input-Struct and the Callback-Typedef:
struct InputStruct
ID2D1SolidColorBrush* BlackBrush;
ID2D1SolidColorBrush* WhiteBrush;
ID2D1SolidColorBrush* Brush;
ID2D1LinearGradientBrush* LinearBrush;
IWICImagingFactory* ImageFactory;

ID2D1HwndRenderTarget* RT;
ID2D1Factory* D2DFactory;
bool bNeedsReDraw;
POINT MousePos;
LPMSGPROCCALLBACK MsgProc; //<--------------
SharedParameters* Params;
HWND MyWindow;
IDWriteFactory* WriteFactory;
IDWriteTextFormat* WriteTextFormat;


It just works perfectly with function which aren't in classes. :(

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