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XNA Ocean Effects

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Hey guys, I am trying to make an ocean in my game and I have 2 main problems. First I am a little confused about how to make this. From reading some articles i have found I can determine something like this: 1/ Create a large array of triangular prims with a VertexPositionTexture[] or something across the whole map 2/ Use and effect to add some sort of wavy effect to make it look like its moving Does anyone know any good tutorials for doing this? (I have read Reimers but I cannot get it to work, and he does a lake water map, I want ocean) also some background reading would be nice Second. My Game Requires me to show all of my height map(550x550) and it seems to lag an awefull lot, I estimate FPS at ~10 consistently which is obviously going to cause me major problems when I get this effect going. (And a side note, I load a height map and even a 200x200 heightmap, takes ~3m to load in. Is this normal?

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