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[web] In need of a tip for CMS

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Hello. I am working on developing a CMS system for a website. Currently it's not too shiny, with your basic text editing, image uploading, color changing of text and borders. I am using VS 2008 and ASP.Net 3.5 (so far). Right now it is managed externally, as in a page with all the settings which affects the homepage. What I want to accomplish, is when a user logs into the CMS system, he can see the website as usual, however he will also be able to see a button near each control, which will open a popup frame with the settings for that control. If a user creates a new webpage within the heirarchy, he can only choose from a set list of page styles, therefore the controls on each page would be predictable. What i am having trouble with, is implementing it. I'd like to ask for any advice or a tip on how to go foreward with this, and if there are any aditional tools i need to use. Thank you

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