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D3D8 MipMapping help request

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I''m trying to get mipmapping working for a demo I''m getting ready for next week. I''m stuck though, and could most urgently use your help. I''m trying to get D3D8 to create the mip levels for me using D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx. I''ve read the help and passed in the parameters that seem to be good, but the information structure that it fills tells me there is 1 mip level, rather than the X mip levels I''m asking it to generate. Is this normal? Perhaps it will always return 1 if the original bitmap has only the main image. But I want it to create the others. Thoughts? PS: I''m using repeating textures by using texture coordinates > 1. Is it possible also that the smaller mipmap levels will NOT be used in this scenario when far away? Thanks, Malachii.

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