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Armor design tutorial help

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I'm looking for some decent to good tutorials for drawing armor that will be worn on a character. also i'm curious how one would build 2d armor into 3d armor, i've have 3ds max, and getting ready to follow some tutorials for making swords into 3d but i don't think they would be similar as the back can look much different than the front. any tips on this would be great.

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One method for modeling armor is to extrude a face (or entire regions) from the underlying wearer's body mesh and build from there, this usually only works for specific armor pieces on specific characters (i.e. designing one mesh for multiple body types wouldn't work as easily this way).

Otherwise you're facing the same issue you would with modeling just about anything: you need to create it in 3D space, and if the back is different than the front you'll just pan around the object and model each side individually.

Starting with a nice primitive like an 8-sided open-ended cylinder is usually where I start when making most humanoid objects. Enabling symmetry along your midline is also a good idea unless you're specifically trying for an asymmetrical design.

Suggested links:
The ever-useful Joan of Arc tutorial.
3dTotal is a good place for tutorials in general, I suggest looking under "Free Stuff -> tutorials -> complete projects".

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Just a few tips from me:

Make a concept first so you see what you are going to build. You can copy paste photo references together into one image, so you have some idea.

Find out how the armour behaves, articulation is extremely important. John Howe in the making of the LOTR put extremely strong accent on this. Articulation is crucial. So you'll need an underlying character.
Don't think in details. Just make everything rough. You can add bolts and gadgets later.
Shoulder is most difficult area. I guess. And the pose you're doing it.
T-pose is nice but way too stiff. Try a a bit relaxed pose, so the arms are a bit loose.
Check also the CG websites like Cgtalk.com / 3dtotal as previously mentioned.
And films also. Excalibur features nice medieval armours. One of my favourite film. And of course LOTR.
Here is my stuff I did few years ago:

3D stuff starts at ~1:00
Good luck!

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