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Tk11 0.2 released [Direct3D 11 C++ Toolkit Library]

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Tk11 Direct3D 11 Toolkit Library Release 0.2 Tk11 is a toolkit library for Direct3D 11. It provides an application framework using callbacks, similar to GLUT and other toolkit libraries, as well as utility classes and functions for making numerous Direct3D 11 tasks easier and more robust in regards to error handling and resource management. Tk11 is a C++ library, which depends only on Boost, DirectX and the Windows API. It is provided as source code under the Boost license and intended to be built and linked into applications as a static library. Project website and documentation: http://tk11.sourceforge.net SourceForge project page, downloads and SVN: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tk11/ Features * Application framework with window management, Direct3D initialization and main loop * Callback system supporting both free functions and class delegates * Support for multiple rendering windows * Utility functions for easy Direct3D 11 object creation * Class wrappers for Direct3D 11 structures with default attributes * Automatic management of COM interfaces using smart pointers * Error handling for all Direct3D 11 API calls using exceptions * Exception propagation for callbacks and window procedures * Fully reentrant design (no globals) * Timestep computation for animations * Keyboard and mouse input callbacks * Raw mouse motion input for high DPI relative motion data * Automatic creation of depth/stencil buffers Feedback This is the second release of the Tk11 libraries. If you have any feature requests or other feedback, feel free to use this thread, PM me, or use the tracker on the SourceForge project page. To get a closer look, you can browse the API documentation and examples or download the source code from the download page or the
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