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osg keyboardhandler class

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and 3d programming. Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section. My task is loading a number of 3ds files and creating rotation of the different parts of the object or moving the entire object. I am referring to the sample code I got from the osg tutorials page: The problem description is: I have nodes defined in my main() and functions such as moveForward that affect the nodes in main. The keyboardeventhandler uses function pointers and I have left that code more or less unchanged except for adding parameters. I wanted some tips on how I can modify my keyboardeventhandler to allow me to do this. (I am also looking at SDL side by side but wanted to know if this thing below is a less useful path than using SDL). My code is as follows: //Main file: edited to include important parts: int main( int argc, char **argv ) { double horizontalPosition = 0; double boomAngle = -30.0; osg::Group* Backhoe = NULL; osg::PositionAttitudeTransform* BackhoeXForm = new osg::PositionAttitudeTransform(); osg::Group* Crane = NULL; osg::Node* Stick = NULL; osg::PositionAttitudeTransform* StickXForm = new osg::PositionAttitudeTransform(); osg::MatrixTransform* sceneTilt = new osg::MatrixTransform; osgViewer::Viewer viewer; //ROOT NODE: osg::Group* root = NULL; root = new osg::Group(); //BACKHOE--load files from disk Backhoe = new osg::Group(); Stick = osgDB::readNodeFile("_BHStic_.lwo"); Boom = osgDB::readNodeFile("_BHBoom_.lwo"); //TRACKS: TrackXForm->setPosition(osg::Vec3(0,0,0)); Backhoe->addChild(TrackXForm); TrackXForm->addChild(Track); . . . . keyboardEventHandler* keh = new keyboardEventHandler(); keh->addFunction('q',keyboardEventHandler::KEY_DOWN,moveForward(BackhoeXForm, horizontalPosition)); . . }//end of main. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have functions to cause rotation etc in Main.cpp: for example void moveForward(osg::PositionAttitudeTransform* PAT, double& value) { cout << "q"; value -= 1; PAT->setPosition(osg::Vec3(horizontalPosition,0,0)); } ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Keyboardhandler classes as provided by the osg tutorial is as: class keyboardEventHandler : public osgGA::GUIEventHandler { public: typedef void (*functionType) (osg::PositionAttitudeTransform* PAT, double& value); enum keyStatusType { KEY_UP, KEY_DOWN }; struct functionStatusType { functionStatusType() {keyState = KEY_UP; keyFunction = NULL;} functionType keyFunction; keyStatusType keyState; }; bool addFunction(int whatKey, functionType newFunction); -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The compile error comes up in the keyboardhandler.cpp in the function below: in the line keyFunctionMap::iterator itr = keyFuncMap.find(ea.getKey()); bool keyboardEventHandler::handle(const osgGA::GUIEventAdapter& ea,osgGA::GUIActionAdapter& aa) { bool newKeyDownEvent = false; bool newKeyUpEvent = false; switch(ea.getEventType()) { case(osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::KEYDOWN): { keyFunctionMap::iterator itr = keyFuncMap.find(ea.getKey()); if (itr != keyFuncMap.end()) { if ( (*itr).second.keyState == KEY_UP ) { (*itr).second.keyState = KEY_DOWN; newKeyDownEvent = true; } if (newKeyDownEvent) { (*itr).second.keyFunction(); newKeyDownEvent = false; } return true; } return false; } case(osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::KEYUP): { keyFunctionMap::iterator itr = keyFuncMap.find(ea.getKey()); if (itr != keyFuncMap.end() ) { (*itr).second.keyState = KEY_UP; } itr = keyUPFuncMap.find(ea.getKey()); if (itr != keyUPFuncMap.end()) { (*itr).second.keyFunction(); return true; } return false; } default: return false; } } Hoping for some pointers.... Thanks.

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