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Unity Component-based Entities using Properties updated

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Old thread is retired, but can be checked out here: Component-based Entities using Properties Partly through usage and partly through community feedback I've been changing the source code for my component system over time, and finally found time to complete the implementation for a new release. Savuporo, over at Ogre3D forum, was so kind to provide a patch for typedeffing the ClanLib dependencies out of the EntityEngine source code. All clanlib dependencies are now defined in Types_ClanLib.h. Creating a similar header for boost, for example, should now be pretty simple, and you'd only need to include it in the precomp.h of EntityEngine, EventEngine and TestEntity projects. I've also uploaded a small excerption of the ClanLib sourcecode to my repository so that it's less headache to get the code to compile and run out of the box! The command system has been accompanied by an event system, and commands are now identified by enums instead of strings. There are probably other smaller improvements/changes in the engine as well. In addition, I've added a small working example that demostrates the usage of the component system. It's a simple console text based demonstration using three components (Health, Claws, Explosive) with two objects interacting. Hopefully these changes will reduce some of the headaches of the past in trying to test my approach. Here's the link to my repository: http://svn2.xp-dev.com/svn/Trefall-ComponentSystem The property based component system resides under /Source/, in addition I've added the ClanLibExtract folder, the EventEngine folder and the TestEntity folder. The solution file under Source includes all these projects for compilation in VC++.

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