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I work out the project of virtual peace UEF.

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Let us imagine, unlimited space and a single plot on-line gaming science-fiction world, which is based on the interaction of computer characters with complex multi-level model of behavior, with animate and inanimate nature. Characters players pouring into the world participate in its development alone or teaming up with each other and the characters controlled by artificial intelligence, struggling with the vagaries of nature, contending individuals and groups. The important thing is that, while traveling in space, it is possible to get to a star system is not open other members of gameplay and a new civilization from scratch, or open another previously not in contact with the world. The concept of game objects allows designers constantly in the process of development of the project development team to create all new forms of living life, transportation and other artificial objects, as well as associations of individuals. Some elements of the design will be available by the players. Also, the project offers a unique concept of settlement and communications. Participants in the game will have the opportunity to conduct their own research, to design a unique means of transportation, building, ground units and fixed space objects. A huge number of star systems with planets, asteroids and satellites, rotating and circulating close to the natural stellar mechanics. The diverse nature of the planets, imitation changing time of day and at the surface and even different weather surprises. On a game in the style of RPG / Action (active role-playing adventure game action) with the elements of a simulator of space and ground transportation, economic and military strategy might dream of many. When deciding to choose what to do to the player himself will have, but the selection and tempting offers will be myriad. The project is very complex, both in design and in implementation, but I think over time it will make moving the goal in stages. http://zp3.biz/universe-extend-frontier

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