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LuaInterface: Trouble passing LuaTable

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Hey all, I'm using LuaInterface, and I have a system that allows for simple Lua-defined effects to be rendered onto the screen. Parameters are generated by a separate piece of Lua code in the form of a table. This table is passed to C#-based effect creation code as a LuaTable object, where it is used for an Effect class's Lua script. The abridge Lua script for a sample Effect is as follows:
duration = paramtable["duration"]
period = paramtable["period"]
[/source][/source] The C# Effect class is as follows:
public class Effect
   //The Lua script that will be executed.
   private string script;
   //The Lua state
   private Lua luastate;

   public Effect(LuaTable parameters)
       luastate["paramtable"] = parameters;
[/source][/source] By using the debugger, I can confirm that 'parameters' is an instantiated LuaTable, and accessing it through the Immediate Window confirms that the variables are properly mapped to their respective keys. However, I receive LuaExceptions from the Lua state which say that 'paramtable' on the Lua side is a nil value. What am I doing wrong that is causing this error? Thanks much in advance. EDIT: All other CLR classes are being sent back and forth without any trouble. Only LuaTables are messing up. [Edited by - g0dwyn on April 14, 2010 12:30:34 PM]

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