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How to install GNU C++?

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barty7912    122
I''m a newbie at programing. I only had one year of experiance of Pascal. It was very laid back though. I went out and bought C++ for Dummies 4th edition and I can''t figure out how to install the complier. Here''s the directions 1. Create a directory C:\DJGPP. Of course, you may use whatever disk you prefer instead of C. (How do create a directory?) 2. Copy the complete set of GNU C++ Zip files from the CD-ROM into \DJGPP. 3. Unzip the files in the folder itself. 4. Add the following commands to your AUTOEXEC.BAT files: set PATH=C:\DJGPP\BIN;%PATH% set DJGPP=C:\DJGPP.ENV 5. Reboot to complete installation

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Julio    116
there''s an extra line for c++. here''s what the full thing should look like:

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