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Directional light and Specular problem

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Hi, i am not really sure what i have wrong in my code, but result with directiona light looks like this There is very good to see, that in one point is wall lightened with point light. I am calculating light in Vertex Shader:
float3 wLight = xLightDirection; //light direction
float3 scaledPos = mul(float4(PSIn.pos, 1), wordlMatrix).xyz 
float3 wEye = xEyePos - scaledPos; //xEyePos - position of camera; scaledPos - player position 

Output.light = normalize(mul(wLight, tanMat));	
Output.halfway = normalize(mul((wEye + wLight), tanMat)); //tanMat is tangentMatrix

Output.Position = mul(float4(scaledPos, 1), xViewProjection);
And in PixelShader:
//n = normal value from bump map or from normal directly from VS
n = (n - 0.5f) * 2.0f;
n = normalize(n);
float3 h = normalize(Input.halfway);
float nDoth = saturate(dot(n, h));
float power = (nDotL == 0.0f) ? 0.0f : pow(nDoth, 100);    
Anyone see something wrong ?

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Original post by martinperry
Output.halfway = normalize(mul((wEye + wLight), tanMat)); ...
What you are doing there is incorrect. It should instead read:
Output.halfway = mul(normalize(wEye + wLight), tanMat);

Not sure if that is "the" problem, but it is definitely "a" problem.

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