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Per-tile lighting, is there a DESTALPHA?

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Hello there, I hope this is not a redundant post, can't seem to find what I need on google... I am making a nice little 2d isometric game and everything is working great. Now as I make my per-tile lighting system, I am wondering more and more about SDL's bizzare alpha blitting. Basically I do the following: tempsurf = IMG_load(); SDL_SetColorKey(tempsurf, SDL_SRCCOLORKEY, alphaPixel); surf = SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha(tempsurf); SDL_FreeSurface(tempsurf); // My own utility function that sets the alpha value for pixels which // match the given color parameter. This works fine... SetAlphaForColor(surf, BLACK_COLOR, someAlphaValue); In the end I get isometric diamond tiles that are totally transparent where they are supposed to be, and partially transparent in the tiles bounds. I use these tiles for my super sophisticated "shading" algorithm (tee-hee!). Basically I pregenerate 10 of these from black diamonds, so I get 10 levels of black shading. Then in my lighting algorithm I set one of these tiles for each tile of the currently drawn screen. I first draw the screen, then do another pass to draw the shading overtop. PROBLEMS: My FPS dropped in half, even though all the alpha stuff is pre-generated and I keep my surfaces in main memory. Not a big deal because half of 200 is still acceptible. The top of tall sprites get clipped by the shadows in a way that looks unnatural. QUESTIONS: 1 - is there a way that I can specify that I want something blitted to a surface only where the destination surface is not totally transparent (alpha > 0), something like SDL_DESTALPHA? This would allow me to use black rectangles and then dest blit them over sprites so that the shading is consistent. If I write my own, how do I make it fast? 2 - is there a better way to handle the algorithm in general? A more efficient way? Well, that's my fishing expidition. Thanks in advance for any tips!

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