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Cube environment mapping GLSL (and WebGL)

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Hi I am trying to set up cubic environment mapping using GLSL. I pproceeded as suggested here ozone3d or here cg tutorials Now, the problem is that the cube map gets flipped udside down when moving the camera. For example, if I rotate the camera around the x-axis by 180 degrees the cube map gets upside down. Here the pictures rotated sphere Here (part of) my vertex shader
vTransformedNormal = uNMatrix * vec4(aVertexNormal, 1.0);
vec3 N = normalize(vTransformedNormal.xyz);
vec3 transformedPosition = (uNMatrix  * vec4(aVertexPosition, 1.0)).xyz;
vec3 I = normalize(transformedPosition - uEyePosition);    

vReflectionVector = reflect(I,N);

where uNMatrix is the normal matrix (equals the inverse transformed of the modelview matrix) and uEyePosition is a vector computed by multiplying the normal matrix by a zero vector. The cube map texture should be put together right as the flipping happens "inside" a texture. By the way, the project uses WebGL (and not OpenGL). Thanks in advance, I am working on this bug just tooo long...

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