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software 3d engines

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hello forum, i''m currently working on a software 2d/3d engine, which supports rendering through directDraw or a simple backbuffer copied onto a GDI bitmap. what i''ve got so far is: describing triangles/objects in 3d, transforming (translate,rotate,scale)them with matrix math , simple depth sort (buggy, no Z-Buffer), rasterizing plain triangles in different colors, crappy perspective texture-mapping, all in 16bit along with simple colorkeying for simple transparency effect. right now i''m trying to do some shading/lighting, then i will start to optimize the whole thing, because it really gets too slow when rendering more than 50/60 triangles (i think the code can be optimized a lot!). a few questions: is/was someone else of you working on a software engine? where did you have the most troubles(i have a lot :-) )? i cant figue out a good method for clipping. right now im clipping every single pixel, and test every single pixel against the color key, which i guess slows down the engine very much. why are commercial software engines like Unreal,.. so F***ING FAST, i cant believe that they get 30 fps in 800x600 and still look good :-) bye

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There''s a lot of factors. I wouldn''t really like to try my hand at a software renderer these days

If you are serious, I''d go through the Doom src and then the Quake source for the bits you are looking for. Freely available from iD. It''s not so easy on the eye though

Brett Porter
PortaLib3D : A portable 3D game/demo libary for OpenGL

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Check out



for the clipping.


- could someone let me know how to include links in posts?

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I''d strongly advise against pursuing this unless you have UNREAL determination. It took me over 6 months to do a BSP and portal based BSP indoor engine with all the toys (3d clipping, blending, billboards, collision detection, perspective mapping, camera etc..) I''m 30 with a degree in software engineering and have a few years commercial C programming behind me, and it was still a nightmare!

Your experience and / or education and sheer will are the main factors IMHO. My advice is to stand on the work of others and build on it. Forget the posters who bang on with "innovate don''t imitate" - you''ll need to learn the fundamentals before breaking any new ground.

Very best of luck,

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