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Smoother animation

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Lor    122
Hey everybody! I am trying to animate something moving across the screen, and getting faster and slower etc. Now, to make it go faster, my first thought was to increase the number of pixels it moves per frame, however, this leads to not-very-smooth animation, and unwanted jerkyness. You can see the object "skipping" from one place to another. I have thought about this, and the only answer I have come up with is to control the frame rate, however, this would lead to all kinds of other problems with the other moving objects, etc etc... So does anyone else out there know any way to get this smoother animation? Thanks very much for your help. Lor

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taliesin73    122

don''t tie your animation to the frame rate. If your object is moving 10 pixels per frame and you have a framerate of 30 fps then your object is moving at 300 pixels per second.

Work with that instead, maintain time based velociites and so on. On every update, multiply the velocity by the delta time.

Don''t have a fixed frame rate, render as fast as you can, and it''ll all run at the same speed on different systems even if frames are dropped.


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