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Lord Gzoo

generating a list of needed files for use in makefiles

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In my makefiles, and other makefiles I've seen, there's always this kind of line:
$OBJECTS=main.o xxx.o yyy.o
So, once you want to add another file or class or whatever to you project you have to manually add it to the makefile. For example, I want to add zingabo.cpp to my project so I have to edit the above line to:
$OBJECTS=main.o xxx.o yyy.o zingabo.o
Is there a way to automatically do that? (Without using an IDE or my nice Python script) I've also read a little about the GNU autotools and from what I understood you still have this kind of problem only in a different manner, i.e. you still have to manually edit some file whenever a new file is added to the project. Please enlighten me. P.S. I'm using Vim under GNU/Linux.

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A minimal example of what I have in my makefiles

CC = g++ #compiler name
BIN = demo #binary name
SUBDIRS = . #list of source directories
SRC = $(foreach dir, $(SUBDIRS) , $(wildcard $(dir)/*.cpp)) #generate the list of source files
OBJ = $(SRC:.cpp=.o) #generatethe list of obj files

all: $(BIN)
$(CC) $(OBJ) -o $@

%.o : %.cpp
$(CC) -c $< -o $@

You can also use cmake, which can do the same thing.

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