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Hey all, I just put out a release of a game I'm working on called Corrupion, a 2D platformer/brawler. Check it out. Site - Download -
">Trailer Nothing is immune to corruption… In a land where fuzzy cuteness reigns and hugs are never in short supply, something wicked lurks. Bummer, the demon harbringer of darkness and his winged Helper have come from the abysmal depths to wreak havoc upon the brightly colored inhabitants of this world. They have one mission and one mission only; corrupt everything. Tear your way across bright and happy landscapes, devouring anything that will fit down your throat. Create minions and use them as fuel for the insidious inferno of your wrath. Be sure to unleash the secret darkness hidden within the land to aid you in your conquest. Ultimately, you seek to defile The Sacred Gates, the only things standing between you and complete domination. Impose your dark will upon them and seal the world’s fate. You will be King.

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Hi there,

I like your concept very much!
Here are some of my suggestions/comments:

1) In your game, you want the player to use A D, and space, AND the mouse? Ho there, nobody's got three hands. Make that A D and use W to jump, it'll make things easier.

2) The dragon's walking animation is low quality compared to your other animations, even though the player gets to see this the most!

3) At the dragon's frenzy powerup, the "Roarr!" sound seems to get stuck.

4) You're doing good on gameplay, but it's not always very clear despite the many tutorials messages. For instance, when you eat an enemy, the dragon makes an animation and then the enemy suddenly dissapears. I was thinking "Where'd it go? Did I eat it? Did it vanish?" You could put a sprite or anything on top to indicate that you really ate it. This goes also for other various things in the game. Make it clear to the player what powerups do by using simple effects.

5) The powerup of the spawning blocks, they fall so slow! ZzZzzzzz... ;)

6) How come there are only 2 types of enemies? It appears as if you focused more on technical aspects of the game.

7) The small minions are sometimes frustrating as they jump on your head and stay bugged there for a while, hurting your health.

8) I love the opening gates, and seeing them fill with the red! This was the climax for me (finally!), good job! It's also a great indicator for the ending of the level, I believe.

9) Maybe you could do something with health powerups? I didn't see them ingame.

I hope you can do something with that! I also wrote a small review on my website.


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Thanks for the feedback, Beather.

You are right on a number of points. Had I more time, I definitely would have made the controls configurable (although, I will point out 'W' actually does jump, but only sign subtext ever tells you that), but my artist was rather late in getting me the options menu art and I was a bit lazy about implementing it, so I just ran out of time. In the next release, I'll be sure to add it in.

I don't think I'll make the blocks fall any faster, however. The idea was you can actually use them to make midair jumps with some skill. Although, I can see how putting one up high would be obnoxious. Perhaps I'll make them slightly faster.

I certainly will be adding more enemies than the three there are now. My artist is already drawing up sprites for a blue squid like creature, but any suggestions are more than welcome.

As far as health goes, the tier three utility power gives you half health, but I don't think we got the sign in portraying that before release.

Would eating be improved were I to have the sprite stick to your hand as it was eaten, then get thrown behind you before it runs back up around your ankles? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also, I know it the effect of the corruption vials is very non-obvious, but they actually let you hold an extra minion every time one is grabbed. Are there any suggestions for making this effect clearer to the player?

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