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[.net] Generic classes in mixed C# and C++/CLI VS2010 solution

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Hi, I have a trivial .NET 4.0 C# project, consisting of ICSharpInterface.cs:
namespace CSharp {
    public interface ICSharpInterface<T> where T : struct {

According to the documentation, "where T : struct" constrains T to be a value type. I also have a trivial .NET 4.0 C++/CLI project that references the C# project. It consists of CPPImplementation.h and CPPImplentation.cpp:
#pragma once

namespace CPlusPlus {
    generic <typename T> where T : value class
        public ref class CPPImplementation : CSharp::ICSharpInterface<T>

#include "CPPImplementation.h"

According to the documentation, "where T : value class" constrains T to be a value type. When I attempt to build the solution, it fails as follows when compiling CPPImplementation.cpp: Error 1 error C3214: 'T' : invalid type argument for generic parameter 'T' of generic 'CSharp::ICSharpInterface', does not meet constraint 'System::ValueType ^' y:\develop\vs2010\test\cppimplementation\CPPImplementation.h 5 1 CPPImplementation Any ideas who or what is at fault here? I find it odd that it wants T to be "System::ValueType^" instead of "System::ValueType". Maybe the definition of "value type" is different in C++/CLI and C#, even though they both run on top of .NET ? thanks Tom

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