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draw circle and direct x

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I want to draw a very simple circle using directx 9.I have tried a few things I have found online but no luck. I also need to know if the following command is correct. D3DXVector3 pos (float x, float y, 0); I am still learning directx 9.

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I need to know how to draw a circle to the screen using direct x9. I found some code that might work.

#define PI 3.14159f

float radius = 20.0f;
float smoothness = 0.05f;

float center_x = 400.0f;
float center_y = 300.0f;

for(float angle = 0.0f; angle <= (2.0f * PI); angle += smoothness)
float x = center_x + (radius* (float) sin (angle));
float y = center_y + (radius* (float) cos (angle));

However I need to know the direct x command that actually prints to the screeen.

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