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aradhya    100
Hi! I am new to game programming and I need some directions as where to start. I know c/c++ but i haven't written any games before.The beginners section of the site says to start with the basics,I totally agree. I want to know where exactly to start.What do i need to write a simple game like tetris? I love games and I really enjoy programming. Please help, I'd really appreciate it....;)

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Wkter    100
It's hard to tell you EXACTLY where to begin. I've only used DirectX, which is Windows only, to make 2D games, but I suppose I can give you from directions for making 2D games under Windows. I also love to make as much as possible myself, so I've completely steered away from libraries like SDL and Allegro, but that's just me (Your average anti-social, no girlfriend type of nerd)

To get a head-start on DirectX, I recommend reading
However, only use that site to learn the basics, as it does not use particularly good routines, but it's good at explaining, in my opinion.

If you want to make 2D games, once you've gotten the basics down, you might want to do some research on the ID3DXSprite Interface and the IDirect3DTexture9 Interface.

Also, for input under Windows, check out the WM_KEYDOWN message.

Of course, you can do it the easier way and use libraries, like SDL rsalazar suggested.

And always remember, Google is your best friend!

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