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DirectX SDK Samples and Visual 2010

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Hello everyone Right now I'm downloaded the Visual C++ Express 2010 and I can't seem to find a way to open a new "Simple Sample" project as the SDK currently doesn't ships VS2010 solutions, and when trying to convert the 2008 the project files (Not the solutions) fail to import, can anyone give me some advice? Thanks in advance

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The sample projects from the DirectX SDK have 64x configurations. You will need to manually remove them from the project xml before importing into Visual C++ 2010 Express (because express has no 64-bit support).

To do this:

1. Use the "Install Project" tool inside of the SDK Samples application, have it create the project wherever you wish.
2. Browse to the project folder (or say Yes when it asks if you want to view the contents of the folder).
3. Open the 2008 version of the vcproj file for the sample inside of Notepad or your favorite text editor (Notepad++ in my case).
4. Delete the x64 platform (make sure to remove the entire XML element, including the "/>").
5. Delete the x64 configurations (anything with x64 in the Name field). They'll be three; Debug, Release and Profile.
6. Save the file and open the 2008 solution file (SLN) in Visual C++ 2010 Express.

7. Go into the Property Pages for the sample project (right click, Properties). Browse to the VC++ Directories.
8. Add the DirectX SDK Include directory to the Included Directories. (%PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft DirectX SDK (February 2010)\Include)
9. Add the DirectX SDK Library directory to the Library Directories.(%PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft DirectX SDK (February 2010)\Lib\x86)
10. Apply, OK out of Properties.

Should be able to compile now.

Might be able to avoid 7-9 if you setup a Project properties (props) file with the SDK information, but I don't know how to do that just yet. There's no global VC++ directories settings in Visual C++ 2010 Express.

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IThanks MatthiasF that was exactly what I need, I never though of deleting the x64 projects. You are been up rated right now :)

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