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XACT Initialization issues

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Pjsmith    122
I'm currently trying to implement XACT into my game, however I'm having issues with initializing the engine. The engine is created fine, but when the initialize function is called, I get a return error of E_INVALIDARG when I check the HRESULT. The irritating thing about this issue is that the exact same code will work on 2 other computers, but not my own, and I cannot see why! The only differences I can think of is that in my own computer I've got a SoundBlaster X-Fi (latest drivers etc) whereas the other two I believe have on-board audio, and to my knowledge I'm running the Feb 2010 DirectX SDK as opposed to the others running the Aug 2009 DirectX SDK. Also my computer runs Vista Home Premium, and the others run Windows 7 Pro, and Vista Business 64-bit respectively. Has anyone else run into similar problems? I've scoured both Google and GDNet forums to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. I really like the ease of use XACT offers (if I can get it working). Code as follows:
bool PSAudio::Initialize()
	PSAppLayer::AppLayer()->Log("Initializing Audio");

	// Init COM
		PSAppLayer::AppLayer()->Log("COM failed to initialize!");
		return false;

	// Create the XACT engine
	if(!PSUtility::CheckHR(XACT3CreateEngine(0, &m_XEngine)))
		PSAppLayer::AppLayer()->Log("XACT Engine failed to be created!");
		return false;
	PSAppLayer::AppLayer()->Log("XACT Engine Created");

	// Initialize the XACT engine
	if(!PSUtility::CheckHR(m_XEngine->Initialize(&eParameters))) // Fails at this call
		PSAppLayer::AppLayer()->Log("XACT Engine failed to be initialized!");
		return false;

	PSAppLayer::AppLayer()->Log("XACT Engine Initialized");
	return m_Initialized = true;

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