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[web] Facebook game developer framework

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vsk    122
Hello, is there any framework for developing game for facebook? I mean, something that provides some basic infrascture, resolving (normally) middleware issue and adding some simple examples which we usually should extend to create your own game. For game by the way, I mean something like farmville or Cafe world, but any kind of of help is really appreciate. Thanks in advance.

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jolid    143
AFAIK there's no specific "Facebook-game" software around, but there is quite a bit for interfacing with Facebook. It's called the Facebook API, and you can find out more about it at these sites:
Facebook developers' wiki

And by following links on the sites. Google can help too, but as official docs & support have gotten better I haven't felt the need to rely on 3rd-party sites much at all.

FWIW, nearly all Facebook game apps are fully functional apart from Facebook... although many are reliant on the plug'n'play social networking available from integrating with Facebook. All the coding/graphics/hosting/gameplay needs to be viable on its own, where Facebook is just the advertising or social aspect of it.

In that sense, any Flash/PHP/javascript game framework can be applied to Facebook apps. Learn the API and you can make just about any application work with Facebook.

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