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Couple questions regarding the DESIGN side of things.

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Ok, so I've wanted to make games for quite a while now. The main thing interesting me, is the creative side (the plot/story, characters, etc.) Over the last year or so, I've been working on learning programming (first in C++, now I'm currently working in C#.) Mainly since my friend wants to make XBL games together. And I also figure this is a good way to get my foot in the door. As well as, knowing programming makes me twice as qualified for game development. How complicated is the creative process on the design side of things? Since that's my main interest. College wise, I would like to go to Syracuse University, would a simple creative writing class be good enough? I plan on majoring in Computer Science/programming since it seems to me like its the most difficult side(for me at least). When it comes to being creative, I tend to have a writers block sort of thing going on, or I scrap ideas due to them being too close to something popular/sounds like a stupid idea, etc. Whats the best way around this, seeing as its my main issue with being creative? Finally, I'd like to own my own company one day, is Business Management or whatever it's called something that needs to be Majored in, or could it just be a regular class I elect to take? [Edited by - GraySnakeGenocide on April 26, 2010 5:31:24 PM]

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Tom Sloper    16040
You say that you're interested in design, but what you describe (story, plot, characters) is writing (not design). So I'm moving this to Writing.
If you want to ask design questions, do that in the Game Design forum.
But for now, you've asked about writing.
Read these:
Writing for games -
Preparing for a career in game design -

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