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Matthew Shockley

Output Window

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I have this code:
std::wstring strtowstr(const std::string &str) {
    // Convert an ASCII string to a Unicode String
    std::wstring wstrTo;
    wchar_t *wszTo = new wchar_t[str.length() + 1];
    wszTo[str.size()] = L'\0';
    MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, str.c_str(), -1, wszTo, (int)str.length());
    wstrTo = wszTo;
    delete[] wszTo;
    return wstrTo;

void Output(const char *Str) {
	HWND nWind = GetOutputWindow();
	int Length = GetWindowTextLength(nWind);
	wchar_t *Buffer = new wchar_t[Length+1];
	GetWindowText(nWind, Buffer, Length+1);
	std::string Mess(Str);
	std::string newLine("\n");
	std::wstring oMess(Buffer);
	SendMessage(nWind, WM_SETTEXT, 0, (LPARAM)oMess.c_str());
	delete [] Buffer;
For some reason, the newline character won't work. It just doesn't appear. I am probably doing something wrong(I do that alot), so could anyone help me make it where it goes to a newline everytime. And if you could, I would much appreciate if you could clean up my sloppy code.

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Are you sure strtowstr works? You should step through the code with a debugger and confirm that the newline is correctly appended to the original string and that the string is then correctly converted to a wstring.

Also, instead of using Mess.append(newLine) you can just do Mess += "\n". You should also consider using some whitespace and comments to make the code easier to read.

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Usually with Windows controls you use \r\n as new line.

Also, what kind of window is returned by GetOutputWindow? This function doesn't seem to be a standard Win API function.

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