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What are the steps to setup a EVBMP example

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Hi Chris What are the proper steps in seting up Environmentally Maped Bump Map objects. I have a Geforce 3 card have tried all the Pixel Shader examples under samples in the ProEdit bin directory. I have even tried the regular bump map examples such as the coin example they all work ok on my Geforce3 Card. I tried duplicating one of your examples such as the Pcube2.pro bump maped example by creating a cube using the same textures lake.jpg for the base texture , rough.pcx bump texture and flares.jpg for the Specular Map. In all the examples I am using the d3d pipeline as well as the vertex and pixels shader enabled for all the bumped map examples including the your Pcube2.pro example. When I set up all the texture stages in proedit it will not work like your example Pcube2.pro using the D3D pipe line with all shaders enabled. But the funny thing is when I turn off the D3D pipline my bump map example works. It seems to me my example should work with the D3D pipeline is on. I don''t understand why your examples work when the D3D pipline is on and mine don''t. If you could explain to me how you go about setting up for the Environmental Bump Maps so I can duplicate your steps and get a working example of my own models while using the D3D pipeline. I see you plan on working on or finishing up on DOT3 Bump Maping. I know EVBMP is more suited for indoor scenes and the DOT3 Bump Maping interacts with the regular lights instead of the Specular Map. DOT3 is probably more suited for objects like the earth , moon objects like I want. Basically to give more detail to objects than adding more triangle to the mesh. Doug

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