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Taskbar in Fullscreen Mode

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Would anyone know, using the Nehe Basecode, how to make a fullscreen window using the current screen resolution that would not hide the task bar? Even in fullscreen mode you can hit the windows keys and the taskbar will be brought up but it goes away as soon as you click out of the taskbar area. I know this is a more windows related questions but I have looked all over God''s green earth and have found nothing even looking for hours through VC help files and MSDN. HELP PLEASE! Also if anyone knows how to get the current screen resolution and store it so that when I create this window it won''t change resolution on me that would help greatly. I''m trying to make a program to replace the windows wallpaper with an OpenGL context (if you''ve seen Dreamrender I''m looking to do a similar concept just faster in OpenGL and to my own purposes) with no borders so I can have a cool animation going on in the background and I know this will work at full framerate (I''ll have to make up my own routines for getting desktop icons displayed and I want to also get rect sizes for any onscreen windows so I can do dropshadow routines for them in ortho mode).

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You''re not wanting fullscreen mode then, I''m pretty sure. You''re looking to maximize the window (e.g., the effect of hitting the "Maximize" button in Windows).

I did it at one point; however, to say that I remembered would be a lie. You''ll be looking at his createWindow() (or whatever it is named) function. You''ll have to do some research on some of the functions. I remember having to change two lines of code -- ORing an existing paramter with FULLSCREEN_BIT (name may be wrong) and then calling another function somewhere, but I never bothered to keep that since I figured out it wasn''t what I needed at the time...

~ Dragonus

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