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Displacement mapping

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Ok, I need some advices. I'm at the point of adding some kind of displacement mapping,here are my requirements: - Texture space is not that limited, but I want to avoid 3d textures. - Best if there's already tool support, if preproccessing is necessary. - It should work atleast for GF8XXX class hardware. - It should scale with newer hardware(i.e. better quality with increasing samples). - Easy to implement. I've discovered the following techniques so far: - RM(relief mapping): many artifacts - RDM(relief with distance function): needed 3d textures - POM(parallax occlusion mapping): many artifacts - CSM(cone step mapping): fast, needed preprocessing (tool: xnormal?) - RCSM(relaxed cone step mapping): even faster, needed preprocessing, no toolsupport found - QDM(quadtree displacement mapping): needed preprocessing(very fast), needed integer calculation, only fast on modern hardware(?) - PDM(pyramidal displacement mapping): similar to QDM, can't see the differences yet :-) I will use this in a deferred shader and I hope that I can adjust the depth (not the z-buffer!) of the pixel. Is displacement mapping still too expensive nowadways ? Does somebody have experiences with implementing displacement mapping ? Are there more techniques available ? Currently I tend to CSM or RCSM (if there's some kind of tool support). QDM sounds very promising, but the integer calculation support seems to be a problem.

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