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Vasily Zotov

In progress and vote

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Well, I don't know, what I was thinking about, nobody found featured picture 'In progress' by my recent description (I have here the magic mirror - statistics of my web), here is the direct link for iPhone 3x2 size - direct link this time: http://www.quitesoulless.com/inprogress.htm You have like 48 hours to vote http://vote.transit-tv.com BEFORE the 30th of April for my another picture (my name is spelled there Vazdy Z. not Vasily Zotov, but still), so I would put my hands on those 500 dollars. In response to my previous topic, I can't find here anymore: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hello! I reformed and submitted to local contest of LA metro the art (screenshot) of my game 'Space Spy' ( www.quitesoulless.com/spacespy.htm - the game went right to the drain, I mean have no publishers again) ($500), if you would please go there and vote http://vote.transit-tv.com BEFORE the 30th of April This edition is called '1 flight' and this picture supposed to tell 'There is one flight which divides you from the mystery of appearance in another place' My name is Vasily Zotov but the contest administrator spelled Vasdy Z., so that's me, vote, I don't have valid ID anyway (everything is expired and I am the removable illegal alien (based on recent consideration of LA district court) Also I am working on the fourth game 'Refugee - the 2nd hearing' from this one I put up screenshot 'In progress' - middle of the page www.quitesoulless.com/refugee.htm Also I need cilline group of drugs penicilline, ampicilline - anything which as a pill would go into the blood, I have a serious inflammation, just a lot of dead flesh, I thought I would die this Saturday - the temperature was so high, but instead I cut a lot of white or blue flesh with scissors, temperature is only 38 degrees or lower, 'Ralphs' store does not sell medication, as I have no prescription and no cash for doctor, so send me if you have extra Vasily Zotov 5849 W.Sunset boulevard, rm113 Hollywood CA90028, I can't pay as I would be immediately killed by Homeland Security agents for drug trafficing (I think so). Judge Bronzina still did not provide me with work permit as my asylum clock was stopped and the idea is to make me die so she would go clean as I died from the the natural causes (she waits 11 months already). While american government did not produce any document that I am not the US citizen and not the US native I still was considered to be removable back to the psychward in Russia where I originally was (which I did not admit or deny), however judge Bronzina did not do deportation till the end of June 2010 as she 'is under the influence of internet publications'. So vote for the entries on LA transit TV (My name is Vasily Zotov, spelled there Vasdy Z., screenshot '1 flight'), I want to receive $500 of prize. I don't think Isabel Bronzina in her shoes would get into the bus. I doubt honorable people at all go bus. Vasily Zotov P.S.: I doubt I will die, so a month later probably I will be with a big (solely iPhone?) piece of adventure 'Refugee - the 2nd hearing' which takes place in New York, this is the very solid piece of art - it's not ready yet, screenshot 'In progress' - middle of the page www.quitesoulless.com/refugee.htm It is about corrupt Grievance Statewide Commitee. Vote for me (Vasdy Z. ) and my screenshot at http://vote.transit-tv.com BEFORE the 30th of April

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