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ho can I read 3d volumes in raw format?

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We need much more information than that.

What language?
What API?
What "raw" values are you talking about? What's "raw" about them?
Read them from where?
What do you mean "turn discrete values in xyz coordinates"?

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On the absence of more information:

The typical volume data stored in a .RAW file is usually stored linearly:

slice1, slice2....sliceN where each slice is Width x Height long.

Pseudo code for reading a RAW volume data file (note: assumes scalars):

Size = Width * Height * Depth;
for i to Size
data[i] = read NBytes.

where NBytes is the storage size of the data (sizeof( byte ) for 8-bit, sizeof( byte * 2) for 16-bit, etc). This, of course depending on the language, could be much faster. Example in C:

fread( data, NBytes * Width * Height * Depth, RAWfile );

Then to access a point at x, y, z: data[x + (y * Width) + (z * Width * Height)]

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