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Visual C++ / SDL

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Something I avoid is asking a question without doing any research since that is a pet peeve of mine. My hope is I didn't overlook something plainly obvious. What I want to do is get SDL working with Visual C++ Express 2010. From LibSDL's site I downloaded then placed it into a folder called LIB_SDL. This is located at the root of my C drive. C:\LIB_SDL\SDL-1.2.14 From Project > Properties > Configuration Properties > VC++ Directories I added C:\LIB_SDL\SDL-1.2.14\include to Include Directories and C:\LIB_SDL\SDL-1.2.14\lib to the Library Directories. In Linker > Input I added sdl.lib and sdlmain.lib to Additional Dependencies. When I try to run the project it tells me that "This application has failed to start because SDL.dll was not found..." The instructions ( were for a Console Application and I am using a Win32 Project. I'm used to Xcode so Visual C++ is a bit different to me. Any help or good pages to review would be greatly appreciated! #pragma comment(lib, "SDL.lib") #pragma comment(lib, "SDLmain.lib") #include "SDL.h" int main(int argc, char **argv) { return 0; }

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