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Cyclic header inclusion for gcc

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I'm trying to compiler the following code // this is file class A.h #ifndef CLASS_A_H #define CLASS_A_H #include "classB.h" class classA { public: enum enumA { enumA1=0, enumA2 }; void Info(classB::enumB rEnum){}; }; #endif //this is file classB.h #ifndef CLASS_B_H #define CLASS_B_H #include "classA.h" class classB { public: enum enumB { enumB1=0, enumB2 }; void Info(classA::enumA rEnum){}; }; #endif //and that's the main file #include "classA.h" int main() { classA i; } When compiling this code, I get the following error In file included from classA.h:4, from myTest.cpp:1: classB.h:15: error: ‘classA’ has not been declared classB.h:15: error: expected ‘,’ or ‘...’ before ‘rEnum’ It seems, the problem is the cyclic inclusion of the headers, but I do not understand what the problem actually is. I could certainly define the enums in a different header, but I prefer to add them to the classes. Unfortunately, there is no forward declaration for enums, but since I'm using the enums as parameter of a method the header file has to be included. Any suggestions, why the compiler (gcc 4.4.1) is not able to compile that code

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Think about what the compiler is doing. Let's say it grabs classA.h first:

Ok, starting to compile:
Is CLASS_A_H defined? No... ok let's keep going
define CLASS_A_H. Done.

Include "classB.h" Ok, let's grab that file.

Is CLASS_B_H defined? No... ok let's keep going
define CLASS_B_H. Done.

Include "classA.h" Ok, let's grab that file.

Is CLASS_A_H defined? Yep, let's skip to the endif.

Hey this was an empty file. Let's go back to what we were doing in classB.h.

class classB Ok. I'm declaring a class.
void Info(classA::enumA rEnum){}; Hey, classA? What's that? I haven't seen that before!

So you see, you can't have cyclic dependencies like that. If at all possible, try to keep '#include's in your definition files, and just forward declare in your headers.

Also, you can forward declare enums.

enum myEnum; // <-- forward declaration.

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