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The Kid

Win 2000 hardware trouble

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I rescently upgraded to windows 2000, and lost all my hardware support for my TNT. I''ve tried everything from reinstalling windows, to using different/older drivers, and nothing seems to work. Everything functions properly, but there just ins''t any hardware support for anything. Any help is much appriciated. Thanks in advance. The Kid I don''''t know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future.

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The Dynamite TNT card was made by Hercules. Unfortunately, they were bought out by a French company named Guillemot who refused to support any of the current cards. After many months of constant pressure from all of us TNT owners we finally forced them to provide support and drivers. They''ve made them available at an FTP site under the old "hercules.com" domain. However, you''ll note that you cannot find any mention of this on the Guillemot or Hercules web site.

Please let them know just how much you hate this and how it will greatly influence your decision to look elsewhere for a new graphics card that an honest company would support for its actual lifetime and not some marketing dweeb''s opinion of convenience - Not that I have any strong opinions about this mind you.

You can find them at "ftp://ftp.hercules.com/video/exe/NVIDIABASED/"

You want either
d3dp-2K-532.exe - which works perfectly for mine, or
d3dp-2K-6.34.exe - which I''m now going to try.

I hope that helps.

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nVidia don''t /seem/ to support the tnt any more. A couple of months ago I reinstalled win2k and went over to their website to dl teh latest drivers. I didn''t read the text very thoroughly and so a dl-ed it and installed.
It installed fine and I could change video modes, but there was no opengl. That was when I went back to nVidia and noticed that the tnt wasn''t in the list of supported cards.

Solution: /completely/ uninstall /all/ drivers (most of my problems with older drivers were because win2k didn''t fully uninstall the ''new'' ones. good old win2k.) and then install some older ones.

You''d have a copy of the reference drivers anyway, wouldn''t you? They generally gave higher performance and more tweaking options than other companies ones (which were based on nvidia''s anyway) so I assume you were using them

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