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Feature I would like to have.

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Hi, I really would like to have 3 string literals: "Aejkgae" <- ascii L"oekfÑü" <- wide chars U"oekfÑü" <- utf8 characters Then: engine->RegisterUTF8StringFactory("utf8string@", asFUNCTION(UTF8StringFactory), asCALL_CDECL); engine->RegisterWideStringFactory("wstring@", asFUNCTION(WStringFactory), asCALL_CDECL); engine->RegisterStringFactory("string@", asFUNCTION(StringFactory), asCALL_CDECL); so utf8 has no [] nor resize nor length. I don't think this is a big deal to implement. Also strings literals must be translated from code codification (it seems we only have utf8 for now) to each one (ascii must ensure no char is above 127).

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