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Transversing a bezier curve at a constant speed

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Hello people, I am sure this is a common problem but I am having problems coming up with a solution.. I know the solution will have something to do with the derivative of the bezier curve. Because displacement derives to velocity which derives to acceleration. I want a constant velocity so I some how need to flatten out the the curve of the derivative... Or something like that. Its late and my mind if slipping... #define b1(t) t*t*t #define b2(t) 3*(t*t)*(1-t) #define b3(t) 3*t*((1-t)*(1-t)) #define b4(t) ((1-t)*(1-t)*(1-t)) #define bez(t, a, b, c, d) b1(t) * a + b2(t) * b + b3(t) * c + b4(t) * d #define db1(t) 2*t*t #define db2(t) 3*(t*t)-(7*t) + 1 #define db3(t) 3 * ((1-t)*(1-t)) + 6*t*(1-t) #define db4(t) 3 * ((1-t)*(1-t)) #define d_bez(t, a, b, c, d) db1(t) * a + db2(t) * b + db3(t) * c + db4(t) * d First things first are the derivatives there correct? and am I on the right track

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