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System Timers are Slowing Down

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I have some Windows code for a timer that is pretty straight forward. It calls QueryPerformanceFrequency to get the high perf clock freq and then calls QueryPerformanceCounter each frame at the beginning. The code performs a Sleep(1) until a specified amount of time (33 ms) has passed. This is all it does, just sleeps until X ms has passed to force a specific frame rate, I disabled all code running after this. What I'm seeing is that over time, after my PC has been running a while, the QPC return value doesn't change between calls. So I sleep 1 ms, call QPC and the same integer is returned as the previous call before sleeping. I do this repeatedly and then all of the sudden the returned value is a 10 ms or higher jump from the previous value (or any # of ms, 10 just example). I've placed a hysteresis buffer in to be sure that's what is happening. I get the same problem with timeGetTime or getTickCount. It gets worse over time. If I reboot my PC, I get exactly 33.33 ms (30 Hz). I run my PC for a few hours (just my PC, not the software in question), then it's running at 40.5 ms, then a day later at 60.4 ms, etc until just now it was running at 125 ms. Then I rebooted and it went back to 33 ms. The best I can tell, there may be something wrong with my system, the CPU itself, or the motherboard. I have a quad core 2.33 Intel and an EP45-UD3P Gigabyte motherboard. Has anyone ever heard of this before? Thanks! Chris

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